Operator - Sugarman Australia, Sydney

Published 2021-12-04
Expires 2022-01-04
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Operator - Sugarman Australia, Sydney
Australia, Sydney, Sydney,
Published December 4, 2021

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Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Per annum
Occupation: Operator - sugarman australia

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Operations & Systems Manager Fast Growing Health Care Recruitment Specialist Flexible Working Environment About the Company: Sugarman Australia is a leading Recruitment Agency specialising in Wellbeing and Care providing quality workers to our clients across Australia in the fields of nursing, allied health, social work, Social Care, Dentists, and NDIS. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the quality of service we provide to our clients candidates and employees. About the role: We are looking for an experienced operations manager who has depth of experience in maximising the outcomes delivered from systems and technology and who can drive continual improvement to the overall operations of a business. A self motivated leader, who can help the organise to develop and grow through the delivery of a high quality service delivery underpinned by efficient systems and processes making it easier for clients and candidates to work with us. This role is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to develop their career within the talent sector, Duties: Establishing to support continual improvement to processes and systems Maximising efficiency through process automations Ensuring all employees have the knowledge, skills to fully utilises the systems and processes Support the change management process as we progress our journey to excellence Work closely with Compliance & Governance to support the WH&S & compliance outcomes Support the HR management of our on hired workforce Develop strategy and operational objectives to meet the business strategy Developing our e- learning tools Interpret operational metrics and reporting to help us achieve productivity targets, cost efficiencies and eliminate errors and achieve excellence in customer service Collaborate with the leadership team to to achieve continuous business improvement and growth What we're looking for a person who can demonstrate: Experience working with CRM and Applicant tracking systems Effective communication Project management skills having a positive influence on the team outputs and attitudes Demonstrate integrity A Helpful / Service approach Strong problem solving skills High levels of motivation Genuinely interest- in the experience of our on hired employees, candidates and clients If you would like to explore this role further please email Sue Healy at sue.healysugarmangroup.com.au with your resume and contact details

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