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Head Of Sales, Melbourne

Last update 2024-05-24
Expires 2024-05-23
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Head Of Sales, Melbourne
Australia, Victoria, Melbourne,
Modified March 4, 2024


1. Develop marketing strategies for the Australian overseas market. Coordinate resources from all parties and ensure the implementation and achievement of goals in the Australian overseas strategy through research and analysis of the target market.
2. Conduct market research and analysis in the Australian market, select and manage marketing channels, analyze competitors, explore new markets, and maintain existing channel customers.
3. Establish and maintain a database of overseas clients' information. Develop detailed market expansion plans and schemes around the company's overseas market sales goals and implement them.
4. Develop and standardize the management system and business processes for overseas sales. Control and execute sales plans to ensure the achievement of sales targets.
5. Enhance customer awareness of the company's brand and promote the development and enhancement of the company's brand overseas.
6. Responsible for the daily management of the sales team, including team building, employee training, performance evaluation, etc.
1. Reside in Melbourne, Australia.
2. Possess knowledge of international trade; English can be used as a working language.
3. Have relevant work experience in marketing of building materials. Having certain channel resources in Australia is preferred.


Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Head of sales

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