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Landscape And Horticulture Specialist Ccc, Melbourne
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Landscape and Horticulture Specialist - Certificate Program

Are you someone who finds joy in getting your hands dirty, breathing in fresh air,and basking in the warmth of sunshine? If so, EFSC's Landscape and Horticulture Specialist College Credit Certificate (CCC) might just be the perfect starting point for yourjourney toward a fulfilling career in the green industry.
Currently, there's a growing demand for professionals skilled in grounds maintenance,landscape design, greenhouse management, and various other specialized areas. Thisdemand is especially prominent in Florida, where our tropical and sub-tropical climate,plus the expanding legal cannabis industry, makes horticulture and landscaping essentialyear-round.
With EFSC's Landscape and Horticulture Specialist Certificate, you can acquire thenecessary skills and knowledge in a relatively short span of time. This CCC can becompleted in as little as one full-time semester, allowing you to quickly enter theworkforce or use the credits toward the related Landscape and Horticulture Technology A. S. degree.
Whether you aspire to be a skilled grounds maintenance worker, a creative landscapedesigner, or an expert in greenhouse operations, EFSC's Landscape and Horticulture Specialist Certificate can set you on the right track.
Landscape and Horticulture Specialist Certificate - Course Curriculum

In this certificate program, you'll learn about plant physiology, growth, and howto identify different plants. The program also covers maintaining landscape plantsand teaches important employability and human relations skills. You'll practice hands-onskills through coursework at the local Rockledge Gardens greenhouses through an agreementwith the college.
As an added bonus, you can earn a Florida fertilizer applicator license and a Green Industries Best Management Practices (GI-BMP) certification upon completion of theprogram.
Landscape and Horticulture Specialist Certificate - Admissions Information

If you're interested in the Landscape and Horticulture Specialist CCC, simply applythrough Eastern Florida's regular admissions process. The program offers continuous enrollment, so you can apply and start classes inany term. If you have any questions or need guidance, reach out to the advisor orprogram manager.
To ensure your success and safety in the program, we recommend meeting specific requirements. These include being able to lift 25 pounds, understanding labels for horticulturechemicals, recognizing color codes, being comfortable accessing plants and soil, proficientlyusing horticulture tools, and being willing to work outdoors in various weather conditionsfor extended periods of time.
Brief Costs and Financial Aid Eligibility

If you're considering the Landscape and Horticulture Specialist Certificate at EFSC,the cost is around $1,250, covering in-state tuition and fees. However, please notethat course materials and lab fees are not included.
This program consists of four classes, totaling 12 credit-hours, taught by experiencedfaculty members who have worked in various areas of the green industry. They havespecialized knowledge in topics such as small space growing, greenhouse management,integrated pest management, niche crop production, plant propagation, and beekeeping.
Here are the courses you'll be enrolled in:
Horticulture I
Soils & Application of Pesticides & Fertilizers
Turf & Landscape Maintenance
Nursery Operations & Management
Why Become a Landscaping and Horticulture Specialist Through EFSC?

High Demand for Industry Professionals

Did you know that the demand for professionals with horticulture-related trainingis expected to increase by 8-10% over the next few years (according to the U. S. Departmentof Labor Statistics)? This is because people rely on plants, and there is a growingtrend of incorporating green spaces, locally-sourced produce, and hemp-based products. The emergence of new technologies and industries like cannabis, hydroponics, and foodshipping and storage also means there's a consistent need for more employees, researchers,and students in this field.
Numerous Career Options

With the Landscape and Horticulture Specialist Certificate in hand, you could qualifyfor various positions, such as a gardener in botanical gardens or estates, greenhousegrower, landscape designer, irrigation specialist, nursery manager, florist, hydroponicfarmer, integrated pest management technician, landscape technician, interiorscapespecialist, fruit and vegetable producer, or turf specialist. These are just someof the paths you can pursue with your certificate!
Related Landscape and Horticulture Programs

If you're interested in the Landscape and Horticulture Specialist CCC at Eastern Florida,it's worth exploring the related A. S. degree and other certificate options in theprogram.


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