Senior Internet Software Engineer, Sydney, Singtel Group

Published 2022-09-27
Expires 2022-10-27
ID #1187529687
150 AU$
Senior Internet Software Engineer, Sydney, Singtel Group
Australia, New South Wales, Sydney,
Published September 27, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Senior internet software engineer
Min. Salary: 125.000

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The Senior Software Engineer in the Internet Services Engineering team is responsible for the development, maintenance, enhancement and support of key Optus Broadband Internet platforms and services, and Optus RIO & Whistler program which includes watch cellular service, eSIM provisioning, enable iMessage & FaceTime, Mobile Authentication, Entitlement, Network HSS/HLR integration, APNS Integration and B2B services to internal & external systems. These platforms and services are focused on various ISP and Mobile related technologies and protocols with an intensive use of the Catalyst framework, Mobile Authentication protocols, Ansible and Perl scripting language in a Linux environment.

Key output for this role include:
Successfully design high performance mobile and fixed BB applications to support millions of customers
Successfully design interface contracts, API and related documents to meet internal IT/Network and external vendor systems 
Successfully develop and deploy software in test and production environments
Satisfactory code testing and reporting of testing
Project and system documentation
Accountable for key services and products, including for: Consumer, Small Business, Fixed Internet, Wireless Broadband, Wholesale Internet and Optus IT. Such diverse services as Mail, DSL Gateways, Broadband Product usage collection, Customer Care applications and diagnostic tools, Optus RIO & Whistler applications.
Development, support and maintenance for systems that serve the needs of: other Network Engineering Groups, Optus Customer Care, Optus IT, Content and Portals, Sales and Marketing.
Accountable for the architecture of the OptusNet service infrastructure, including design, maintenance, policies and standards.
Adherence to regulatory requirements and provide prompt service to law enforcement agencies.
Conduct Version Control, system conformance, release and deployment
Qualifications & Experience
Track record successfully developing and deploying software in test and production environments
Experience being the accountable person for the development, support and maintenance for systems to serve the needs of others within an enterprise
Extended prior experience (approx. 5 years) in project and system documentation , in particular in an agile context
Proficient in the Perl and Python Scripting language in a Linux environment . The Internet Services Engineering Team relies on Perl as its primary scripting language. There is a diverse range of tasks and projects with a Perl component
Proficient in a range of open source systems and software including Red Hat Linux, Centos

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